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    Required Documents for Australia Visa:

    1. One application form.
    2. Two recent photos with white background.
    3. Original passport just for verification + copy, valid for 6 months with 2 consecutive empty pages. [One copy of personal data pages of the passport, Previous Schengen/ UK / US visa – visa stamp and/or immigration stamp]
    4. Copy of UAE Residence visa valid for 6 months.
    5. NOC Letter from Dubai Company stating position, salary, date of travel and purpose of visit with stamp and sign. [also mention that who will take care of expenses]
    6. Invitation Letter from inviting company. (Business visa)
    7. Copy of Trade license if the owner/partner is travelling.
    8. Bank statement for the last 3 or 6 months with stamp.
    9. Copy of confirmed ticket and hotel reservation.
    10. Copy of travel insurance. [Not mandatory]
    11. Copy of appointment letter [for biometric]