You have heard that there are several activities to do in the UAE. But, if you’re looking for rural pleasure, is it true that you truly desire to leave city life? looking for countryside activities in the UAE, and here’s what we discovered…

Birdwatching in Ras Al Khor

Birdwatching provides a respite from stressful emotions and concerns, with moments spent outside just viewing animals. Get some glasses and travel to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, which provides birdwatching through specific bird shelters strategically positioned around the area. The location is well known for its flamingos, but it’s also an excellent place to watch migrating species in the winter, which include the Greater White Eagle.

Beekeeping in Hatta

Whenever you imagine wildlife in Dubai, you generally think of oryx and falcons, not a blooming bee territory. Within the boundaries of a concrete jungle, where do they drink nectar and feast on pollen? It turns out in Hatta. Hatta Honeybee Garden is a 16,000 sqm bee sanctuary surrounded by the area’s rugged mountains and a variety of local flora and animals. Visitors wearing a bee suit and safety clothing are able to get up close and personal with one of the 300 hives containing thousands of honey bees while learning about their value in nature. You may also get some delectable local honey or honey-inspired cosmetic products.

Clay Pigeon Shooting in Jebel Ali

If you’re wondering what a clay pigeon is, it’s not actually a clay pigeon. It’s a type of ceramic discus that is sent into the air by a launcher as you shoot it with a shotgun. It’s a lot of fun if you enjoy that type of thing, plus it saves genuine sentient birds from killing. Try it out in the fortified JA Shooting Club. Prices begin at Dhs230. The induction fee for first-time guests is Dhs30.

Harvesting Vegetables from The Farm

Are you sick of store food that is tasteless and plastic-wrapped? The experience of fruit and vegetable harvesting at Emirates Bio Farm will take you right to the source. A beautiful day of veg harvesting is not just a wonderful, cobweb-blasting day excursion, but it’s also an excellent way to boost your green credentials. Make a reservation for a farm tour that includes a tractor ride. Eat your heart out, green and beautiful land.

Dog walking in the Woods

Absolutely nothing is enjoyable more than taking your dog for a stroll in the countryside, but finding lush fields in Dubai is difficult. Take a break from your regular desert dog walks and travel to Nad Al Sheba, where a tiny woodland path awaits. The trip is just around 2.5 kilometres long, but it’s surrounded by towering trees that will make you feel lost in the woods.

Growing vegetables at home

In recent Covid year, there’s been something very important we realize, particularly in places where people are flocking to their rooftops to produce tomatoes, peppers, leafy greens, and the like. What’s more, guess what? You may do it in Dubai as well. Begin with a simple pink oyster mushroom grow kit from the UAE’s Below Farm Shop. Mushrooms are nutritious, tasty, and a lot of fun to cultivate, and these kits include everything you need to get started. The mushroom species have been particularly selected to flourish in the Middle East’s higher temperatures, so you can engage the whole family. Kits are about Dhs150 and may be purchased Internet.

Horse riding in Al Qudra

The UAE has a long-standing horse-riding legacy with strong cultural importance, which means there are plenty of opportunities for budding jockeys. Al Jiyad Stables, in Al Qudra, has been running a riding school since 2003. Al Jiyad has all you need to get saddled up, from a leisurely canter to a one-on-one lesson. solo lessons begin at Dhs250 for solo lessons and Dhs150 for group rides. For younger riders, pony rides, and smaller animals are offered.

Learning the Art of Falconry

A countryside endeavour Falconry in the tradition of Dubai is quite popular in the Middle East. The only problem is that as a newcomer to the world of bird hunting, you’re just as likely to have your eyes scraped by a bird of prey’s brutal claws as you are to have it fly to your glove. This is where this course comes into play. Your five-day course at Wild Fight includes instruction on equipment, husbandry, handling, and basic training of birds of prey. Finally, following completion of the course, you will be awarded a magnificent certificate.

Catch Fish at The Jumeirah Fish Market

The fishermen at Jumeirah Fish Market are kind and eager to show you their catch and sell you as much as you can carry. They provide a great selection of fish, shellfish, and squid at reasonable pricing. For example, you can get a full local red snapper for Dhs50, or 300g of Jumeirah-caught prawns for Dhs65. Visit early in the morning, starting around 6 a.m., when the very first waves of fish appear.

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