Arab food is one of the world’s most famous cuisines. For what better location to do it than Dubai, a cultural melting pot where many different cultures have inspired its food? Dubai has international appeal due to its architectural splendor and world-record-breaking events, but it also has some marvels hidden in its streets. Every traveler’s fantasy is Dubai’s street food scene. As previously said, Emirati food is a fusion of many diverse cuisines, including Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines. Street cuisine in the city frequently comprises foods from all around the world. Meat (such as chicken, poultry, and camel meat for special occasions), grain, and dairy are often utilized components.


Let me just put it out here, no matter how well your local Middle Eastern food outlet would make your shawarma; it just cannot be comparable with the authentic shawarma found in the streets of Dubai. It is a non-vegetarian delicacy that has sliced chicken, lamb, or beef (depending on what you ask for) and is served by rolling in a soft flatbread. It is filled with fresh vegetables, onions, and various sauces that make the shawarmas something out of this mortal world.

Price Range: AED 6 – AED 10

Shish Tawouk Sandwich

Let us clarify unequivocally that irrespective of how wonderfully your local Middle Eastern food restaurant prepares your shawarma, it will never be equal to the true shawarma available on the streets of Dubai. It is a non-vegetarian dish that is prepared by rolling in a soft flatbread with sliced chicken, lamb, or beef (depending on what you want). It is stuffed with fresh veggies, onions, and numerous sauces that elevate the shawarmas above the mortal realm.

Price Range: AED 10 – AED 115

Oman Chips Roll

Oman Chips are a highly famous and native chip found in the Emirates that play an important role in every child’s development. Apart from local shops, supermarkets, and hypermarkets, every school’s canteen used to serve these chips since they were popular with both students and instructors! So the hoopla surrounding oman chips persists. The Oman Chips Roll is a basic roll with layers of cheese spread and shattered Oman Chips within. These excellent rolls are wonderful for a long road journey and are a favorite local street dish in Dubai.

Price Range: AED 3 – AED 5


Harees is a traditional Arab dish comprised of wheat and meat. Because it is a popular dish, many variations can be found throughout the Arab peninsula. Many people prefer to make it by boiling wheat, while others prefer to use coarsely ground wheat. Various countries enjoy adding various toppings and spices to it. It is typically offered at Ramadan, Eid ul-Fitr, and Arab weddings.

Price Range: AED 20


The famed Samboosa, an Arab spin on Asia’s popular snack Samosa, is great for a fast snack. It is thin pastry sheets filled with different types of meats, vegetables and filled with exotic spices. It’s a popular street meal in Dubai and India!

Price Range: AED 15


One of my personal favorites. This is a popular food in Lebanon. It’s a cheese-filled flatbread baked in a massive oven. There’s a lot of cheese. On top, you may put any vegetables, meats, oils, and spices you choose. Did I say cheese?

Price Range: AED 15 – AED 30


A classic Emirati dessert that is popular among both locals and visitors. They are crispy fried dough balls that are soft and chewy on the inside. A platter would consist of many of these little balls served with date syrup or honey to provide sweetness to the otherwise bland balls.

Price Range: AED 10 – AED 30


Karak is the national drink of Dubai and can be purchased at any roadside kiosk for less than AED 1. It is often served in paper cups and in little quantities. It goes great with a doughnut or other sweet confection on the side.

Price Range: AED 7


Fareed is a variation of a traditional beef and potato dish. Apart from a variety of unique spices, the Arab Bread that the meal is served on adds beauty to the dish.

Price Range: AED 20 – AED 30


If Shawarma was every non-vegetarian’s favorite snack in Dubai, Falefal is a convenient vegetarian alternative. Falafel is a fried chickpea patty. And when this falafel is wrapped in a roll with fresh veggies and different condiments, something magical happens, making it one of the most popular meals presented.

Price Range: AED 6 – AED 30


This dish’s name is inspired by a large wooden spoon that is used in the making of this dish. The wooden spoon is used to beat the batter to get a very thick consistency. Madhrooba is popular during Ramadan and various festivities. The recipe takes a lot of time to prepare which is why it may not be found in a lot of restaurants. However, it is a top choice to make at home as it is healthy, filling, and nutritious.

Price Range: AED 10 – AED 15


Despite all of the flavors, spices, and main courses, it’s time for some sweets. And what better dessert to eat than the ‘Queen of Desserts’-Knafeh? Knafeh is a pastry dish composed entirely of sweet cheese that is served practically everywhere in the Middle East. Rose syrup is placed over the meal as a topping, and it is the gooiest and most delectable dish you could think of.

Price Range: AED 20 – AED 25

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