Have you ever watched red carpet events in the hopes of seeing your favourite star in person?

In Dubai, where elegance, tourist attractions, and luxurious living prevail, you probably will stumble on anyone famous celebrity.

During experiencing the Dubai artwork, stop by these renowned eateries and you might catch a glimpse of a person you adore or watch on TV normally! Remember as well to snap pictures with them!


Nobu Japanese restaurant, set in a grand & colourful hotel, which has restaurant outlets all over the world, is a famous celebrity hangout in Dubai. You might have spotted anyone famous here, from David Beckham to Jennifer Lopez! Apart from the famous black miso cod, the truffle teriyaki sauce is out of this world. Continue licking your fingers off their Wagyu short chops!


At.mosphere upscale fine dining restaurant and bar on floor 122 of the iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper. It is well-known not only among famous people as well as between citizens and visitors alike. The sights and meals at the Burj Khalifa’s 122nd-floor shout at the exceptional luxury experience that just Dubai has the capacity to deliver. If you go there, you might chance to catch up with Mariah Carey or Anthony Joshua and other celebrities.


Nusr-Et Swanky spot for meat-centric is also a popular hangout for celebrities such as Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba. Aside from these players, you could see Conor McGregor, Eva Longoria, and possibly Leonardo DiCaprio inside enjoying the excellent food. Experience the best meat cuts offered, such as the incredible gold steak. You will not be disappointed!

CZN Burak

Burak Ozdemir, the Turkish chef is popular with the public, owns the Dubai restaurant, CZN Burak. CZN Burak Upmarket Turkish restaurant attracts a celebrity crowd on a regular basis. In spite of Sheikh Hamdan, Will Smith and Christiano Ronaldo are also making it a priority on list to go to taste the great quality food provided there!


Apart from the wonderfully furnished and appealing meals, the lively ambience and Italian specialties make this a popular location for anybody who is looking for a good deal on their dinners. GAIA is a refined taverna, offering exquisite Greek cuisine, established by chef Izu Ani, and has been visited by 50 Cent and Sean Paul. Must try, it might end up being your new favourite!

Plan a trip and visit your favourite star hotspots now!!

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