Do you want to know if Dubai is the ideal place for you to explore desert wildness? Following are a few points that will help you to decide. Dubai is an exciting city that never sleeps, along with providing a wide range of tourist attractions and entertainment. Whatever your hobbies are, Dubai has an activity for you, including outstanding malls to thrilling nightclubs. Are you ready to discover this beautiful city’s wild side?

What Exactly do you need to Bring on a Desert Safari trip?

Here are a few things you should know before going on a desert safari in Dubai. The Um Al Sheba Desert and the Jebel Ali Desert are the greatest deserts to explore. Um Al Sheba is smaller in size but also comes with greater wildlife diversity, but Jebel Ali is much bigger and has more things to do but you also need more time to explore it.
Below are some important items to bring on a desert safari trip:
• Sunblock
• insect repellent
• Sunglasses
• Stiff shoes
• Sunhat or Scarf
• Water Bottles
• Refreshments and food
• Water backup

If you plan to visit an incredible desert safari then, there are the most enjoyable desert safaris in Dubai that can easily be explored in places outside of the city, such as Madinat Jumeirah and Umm al Quwain. Because most of these locations are located outside of the city, you should plan a long trip for a full day or more than one day.

Driving Guidelines to Drive in Desert

These are some driving guidelines for the desert driver:
• Ensure that your car is in excellent condition and equipped with all vital safety measures, such as air conditioning and an efficient engine.
• Carry enough fluids and snacks with you because food can be insufficient on the road trip while driving.
• Moreover, always apply sunglasses, sunblock, and a cap; dehydration and sunburn are regular problems in the desert.

The Ideal Resorts to Stay

The following are the best spots to spend the night if you want to go on a desert safari in Dubai.

Safari Inn: This is the ideal site for getting started on your Dubai desert safari adventure. They provide a variety of staying choices, including camps and huts to refined five-star hotels. The entire staff is experienced and well-informed about the animals in the area, so you will have an amazing time and exposure.

Arabian Nights Resort: In case luxurious living is what you’re looking for, Arabian Nights Resort is the best place to stay. Their magnificent accommodations and suites provide breathtaking views of the scenery as well as enough privacy for rest and relaxation after a day spent seeing the fascinating wildlife world. There’s much to explore for each individual at this great place, no matter if you choose to spend time in one of their luxurious compounds or roam around for a day.

The Palm Springs: When environmentally friendly travel is your jam, then The Palm Springs Resort is a must-see thing if you are planning to visit a desert safari in Dubai. This Bedouin-owned resort provides true Arab hospitality, with everything you need quietly placed away among its expansive land of dunes and palm trees, guaranteeing that you enjoy the most out of the vacation without sacrificing any wildlife encounters!

What Should You Plan on a Desert Safari?

The Madinat Zayed Desert is one of the nicest deserts to visit. It’s big – 125 kilometres long and wide – so exploring the entire thing requires some time. So, if you have plans to visit Madinat Zayed Desert then make a 2-3 days trip.
The Palm Jumeirah Desert Safari is another excellent choice. This region is smaller but equally beautiful, with sweeping sand dunes soaring up to 150 meters in height and an oasis decorating the surroundings.
If you want to spice things up, go on a camel ride in the desert or visit the Oasis on safari. Both activities include stunning scenery and fascinating historical remains. If you’re in the mood for a thrilling adventure, then venture out into the endless desert in one of the world’s largest sand deserts, for a truly unforgettable trip.

Best Season to Plan a Trip to Desert Safari

If you’re looking to witness some of the most amazing landscapes on the planet, desert safaris are a must-do thing in Dubai. Following are the things you should know while travelling:
Desert safaris can be costly, so make sure you have the necessary finances. Tours can cost ranging from Dhs 1,000 for an hour-long drive to Dhs 10,000 for an entire day of travel.
The milder seasons from November to February are ideal for going on a desert safari. The weather typically turns more pleasant during these months.
When you’re planning to go on a desert safari, you’ll need a 4WD vehicle because the road conditions might be rough. If you don’t have then it’s better to consider renting out for your smooth visit to desert safari.


Making plans for a desert safari can be a thrilling adventure, however, it’s necessary to be well-prepared so that you can enjoy the best time possible. In this blog, we tried to highlight important things you need to know before planning your Dubai desert safari trip. And if sandy dunes are your thing, we strongly encourage exploring desert safari, it is just unmatched in terms of natural beauty.

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