Dubai, known for its awe-inspiring architectural marvels, has added another jewel to its crown with the completion of Ain Dubai. This colossal structure stands tall as the world’s tallest observation wheel, offering visitors a breathtaking view of the city’s stunning skyline. In this blog post, we will explore the history, design, construction, and unique experiences awaiting visitors at Ain Dubai.

History of Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai, also known as the Dubai Eye, is located on Bluewaters Island, an artificial island development situated off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence. The idea of building an iconic observation wheel in Dubai was conceived in the early 2010s as part of the city’s continuous efforts to redefine its skyline and boost tourism. The project was initiated by Meraas, a leading Dubai-based developer, and construction began in 2015.

Ain Dubai’s construction faced several challenges, including the sheer size of the wheel, which stands at a staggering 250 meters (820 feet), and the need for cutting-edge engineering solutions to ensure its stability. It was a monumental undertaking that captured the world’s attention.

Design and Architecture

Ain Dubai’s design is a true masterpiece of modern architecture. The observation wheel features 48 double-glazed, air-conditioned cabins, also known as capsules, which can collectively accommodate up to 1,750 passengers at a time. Each capsule is designed to provide a luxurious and immersive experience, with comfortable seating and floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offer unobstructed views of the city, the Persian Gulf, and the iconic Palm Jumeirah.

The wheel’s structure is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Its sleek, metallic design is adorned with stunning LED lighting that illuminates the night sky, turning it into a mesmerizing visual spectacle. The dynamic lighting sequences have made Ain Dubai a prominent feature of Dubai’s vibrant skyline, visible from miles away.

Construction Challenges and Engineering Feats

Building Ain Dubai posed several engineering challenges due to its massive size and the need for structural stability. To ensure the wheel’s stability, the construction team employed advanced technology, including a high-precision GPS system and a massive concrete block weighing over 9,000 tons to anchor the structure.

The wheel’s hub and spindle, which are critical components for its rotation, were manufactured to incredibly high tolerances to guarantee smooth and reliable operation. The construction team also had to contend with the region’s extreme temperatures, high winds, and saltwater exposure, all of which required specialized materials and construction techniques.

The successful completion of Ain Dubai demonstrates Dubai’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of architecture and engineering, solidifying its position as a global hub for innovation and design.

Ain Dubai’s Unique Experiences

Visitors to Ain Dubai can look forward to a wide range of unique experiences. Apart from the breathtaking views, the observation wheel offers dining experiences, including private cabins with gourmet meals and a rotating bar. These dining options make Ain Dubai an ideal spot for romantic dinners, family gatherings, or corporate events.

The island surrounding Ain Dubai, Bluewaters Island, is also a vibrant destination with a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. Visitors can explore the vibrant retail and dining district, relax on the pristine beach, or enjoy live performances and events held on the island.


In conclusion, Ain Dubai stands as a testament to Dubai’s ambition, innovation, and commitment to setting new world records. This colossal observation wheel combines stunning architecture, cutting-edge engineering, and immersive experiences to offer visitors an unforgettable journey into the heart of Dubai’s skyline. Whether you’re a tourist seeking panoramic views or a local looking for a unique dining experience, Ain Dubai has something for everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to ride the world’s tallest observation wheel and witness the magic of Dubai from the sky.

Visit Ain Dubai and be prepared to be awe-inspired by this magnificent addition to Dubai’s iconic landmarks.

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