Extreme Adventure

Tandem Skydive Experience at The Palm

Enjoy Dubai from a different angle and with the best visibility possible while falling at 120mph.
Starting Price
AED 1,999


Extreme Adventure


Enjoy Dubai from a different angle and with the best visibility possible while falling at 120mph. Fly up to 13,000 feet into the skies over Dubai before freely falling for over 60 seconds. Experience an exhilarating rush of adrenaline as you participate in a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Experience Highlights

· Make the most of your visit in Dubai with the ultimate skydiving experience

· Witness the spectacular views of Dubai from 13,000 ft above ground

· Have the entire dive documented by a professional camera flyer who will accompany you


Full description

Let yourself to feel the rush of freefalling at 120 kilometers per hour while safely hooked to a world-class instructor in a harness. Make your way to the meeting place, where you will be met by the pleasant crew that will guide you during your adventure. You will be introduced to the instructor about an hour before your take off, who will describe the technique, provide a safety lecture, explain the ideal body position for free fall, and put on and check the harness. A tandem teacher as well as a camera flyer will be with you throughout the trip to capture the wonderful moments. So after a 20-minute flight, approach to the front of your fully certified tandem skydiving instructor, who will do a last inspection before departing the plane from 13,000 feet (4,000 m). Experience roughly 60 seconds of adrenaline-fueled freefall before your parachute is deployed at around 6,000 feet to begin your 4-5 minute parachute flight down to the ground. Soak in the stunning vistas from above as skydivers soar over Dubai’s sandy dunes or the famed Palm Jumeirah Island. After gently landing, the camera flyer will conduct a last interview with you to capture your adrenaline-fueled reaction before taking you back to the main building. This package includes digital images and a professionally made movie of every thrilling moment till the safe landing. The entire event lasts 3 to 4 hours. Relatives and friends are welcome to watch you leap from below, and there is a cafe where they can purchase light food and beverages.



Tandem skydive
Professionally edited video

Not suitable for

Pregnant women
People with respiratory issues
People with epilepsy
People with diabetes
People with high blood pressure
People over 200 lbs (91 kg)
People over 209 lbs (95 kg)
People with pre-existing medical conditions

Important information

What to bring

Passport or ID card
Comfortable shoes
Comfortable clothes
Sports shoes

Know before you go

Guests are required to provide their full name (first and last name) and weight for each participant upon booking
Any incomplete or last-minute changes to the information without prior approval may be denied entry
Weight and Body Mass Index with clothing and sports shoes, must not exceed maximum safety requirements or you will not be permitted to skydive
Female: 90 kg or less; above 85 kilograms, BMI maximum limit of 27.5 applies
Male: 100 kg or less; above 95 kilograms, a BMI maximum limit of 30 applies
A doctor’s certificate must be obtained before skydiving if any client suffers from or has previously suffered from any of these medical conditions: epilepsy, fits, severe head injury, recurrent blackouts or giddiness, the disease of the brain or nervous system, high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, dislocated shoulder or another limb(s), recurrent weakness, diabetes, mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction

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