One of the things anyone can miss the most about Dubai easy access to hundreds of destinations at very accessible Dubai is one of the most accessible places to see many unique destinations.

Some popular ones with lots to offer a Desert Safari, Global Village, and Dubai Marina. You can also find great deals on to exploring Dubai at prices that will amaze you!

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Camels? Strict outfit restrictions? No booze? Dubai is incomparable to any other place in the world. Its diversity, welcoming nature, gold ATMs, and more are unparalleled anywhere else. The well-known stereotypes about Dubai might not entirely be true, but you should still visit here for an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

1. Dubai is a Photographer’s Dream.

If you love urban landscapes and stunning skyscrapers, Dubai is a great place to visit and experience these kinds of adventures. It has an incredible assortment of sights to view and offers a lot more – like entertainment and more! Once you’ve visited Dubai, it isn’t hard to convince your Instagrammer friends to visit Dubai. There are so much outdoor places to capture ideal photographs for your social media accounts. There’s so much to do in the city, and many things make Dubai irresistible and unforgettable.

2. The United Arab Emirates Is a Haven in the Middle East

You can feel safe in Dubai when taking public transportation and walking around the city, even at midnight. Dubai is a city of lights and fun; it is a safest city in the world for everyone as compare to other countries. Unfortunately, you don’t have the same peace of mind when traveling to other Middle Eastern countries.

Dubai is a beautiful city: from the glass and steel buildings to the ancient mosques, everything about this metropolis is fascinating, and there’s lot of things for everyone. Walking down a street, you can find amazing traditions with modernity. Dubai may be beautiful at first glance, but soon you’ll realize there’s more to this city than meets the eye.

3. The Breathtaking Safari Desert View

The safari desert could be one of the most interesting parts of your trip to Dubai. You get to ride old cars across dunes and camel ride to experience sunset in a desert. Then you can have a traditional meal with Bedouins in the Desert.

Dubai is a great base to explore the region and UAE in general. The hidden gems of this country are numerous, and a road trip around Oman, riding camels (they’re so cool!), or even doing a tour of Sri Lanka or Egypt are some options that you should consider from here.

4. The Old Dubai Souks

In the Deira, you can find all kinds of amazing spices and gold objects. If you want to smell them, cross Dubai Creek, where it meets Deira. The shisha pipes are here too! Tasty shawarma is available at this old city’s many great restaurants and cafes with international cuisine, so there are plenty of places to dine for a great meal. Visit Gold Soak for hours and see why it ranks among some of Dubai’s top attractions.

5. The World’s Top Shopping Malls

WOW, when you visit Dubai for the first time, YOU’LL BE INSPIRED! People in Dubai love to shop, which is good because it means they have time to do other things instead of only working! We bet you’ll encounter the most amazing life here and won’t expect it in any other country. Don’t miss out this Experience!

6. The Attraction to Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque

It’s a short bus ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi Mosque, Sheikh Zayed Mosque gives a breathtaking view. You will feel the peace and relaxed after visiting the beautiful white Mosque. It’s the perfect chance to visit the city on a day trip or explore all it offers when you visit Dubai since it’s only about half an hour from Dubai.

7. Wonderful Sunsets

The locations in Dubai always provide spectacular views of the sun setting. Dubai is also becoming top place to celebrities for “Destination Wedding” on a beach or in a desert with stunning sunset views. As the Dubai is always recommended for any outdoor photo-shoot or wedding shoot by photographers.

8. A Foodie’s Destination

You have whatever your heart desires in Dubai. Dubai is home to incredibly middle eastern cuisine and has every chain restaurant from around the world represented. It’s been a while since you tasted the delicious flavors of Laduree macaroon, so why not indulge today? Swing by and get their fresh flavors of macaroons when you’re in the mood for an almond treat. And if you need something light or healthy, Sweet frozen yogurt offers many options for toppings.

9. A City Of Variations

There are a few things to must know of before visiting the United Arab Emirates, the laws are different, and as a tourist, you should adjust your behavior accordingly under these circumstances but you will also find Dubai to be an incredibly enriching experience because the city is full of contrasting cultures. For example, it could be illegal for tourists to buy alcohol in some parts of the country, or you might be required to dress modestly. However, denying the many cultural contradictions in Dubai is impossible.

10. A Premium Aerial Tour

Dubai’s skyscrapers and unmatched luxury lifestyle have drawn people so much. But if you’re looking for something a bit different and to beat the traffic, these private helicopter tours?? These helicopter rides give you the best aerial view of Dubai and offer best luxury wherever you go with your family or friends.

Dubai is a popular spot for travel, especially for business travelers. But as it’s such a big flight hub between Europe and Asia with having the worlds one of the busiest airports, so you’ll have to consider timing, days of your visit accordingly to maximize your Experience.
Have you been to Dubai? Did you think it was worth a visit? Share your Experience in the comments

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